Recruitment Ready…Go Greek!


All across college campuses this is the time of year for people to go Greek!  Sororities are recruiting following rules put in place by their national headquarters and fraternities are getting to know the men that could potentially become their brothers.  But for those of us out there who have no idea what going Greek means or how the process works, here is a look at the beginning stages of the recruitment process and how important PR is when trying to get people interested in going Greek.

In Professor Luttrell’s book “Social Media How to Engage, Share, and Connect” she talks about how Twitter is a great tool for getting people connected through all different types of interactions ranging from likes, to hashtags, to retweets and more.  One example of a hashtag that has been used here at Eastern Michigan University that signifies sorority recruitment is #findyouryellowumbrella.

  • The purpose of the #findyouryellowumbrella is to tag any post, picture, or video so potential new members or women interested in recruitment can easily access the different sororities posts.

Each sorority will have their own page for potential new members to go and check out.  They can be found on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and some may even have a Snapchat.

  • Instagram: A social media platform that allows users to share photos with anyone in the world. It also gives users a chance to edit pictures with different filters and settings.  “There are three major factors that draw users to Instagram: (1) Personalization, (2) lifestyle, and (3) exclusivity” (Luttrell 108). Sorority recruitment chairs and PR chairs use Instagram to edit their chapter’s photoshoots along with sharing the exciting times sisters have had together to spark interest in those considering going Greek, along with showing their chapter’s in the best light possible.
  • Facebook: Another social media platform that brings people together in sharing photos and posts that might interest each other. People can also create pages for others to visit and receive more information.  To find EMU sorority recruitment page click this link.
  • YouTube: A website that allows a person to upload and share videos with other people all over the world (What is YouTube).   Sororities all make recruitment videos that are uploaded to YouTube.  You can find the link to my chapter’s recruitment video here.
  • Snapchat: An app that allows a person to send pictures or videos to others for a limited amount of time (Betters). You can create an account dedicated to a specific topic.  For example, EMU has one designated for sorority recruitment which can be added by the username @emurecruitment.

The purpose of having chapters be accessible from so many different social media platforms is so that those interested will have multiple ways to receive information. Although recruitment might only be a four-day weekend to some, it is months and months of planning for others.

For those of you who may be even the slightest bit interested in sorority recruitment, I recommend you attend at least the first day.  If you go to the first day and you love it, you’ll have the opportunity to find your home.  If you go to the first day and decide maybe this is not the right year for you, that is okay too.  At the end of the day, you still tried something new and who knows maybe it will change your life.

I encourage all of you to look up the #findyouryellowumbrella  on Twitter and Instagram and watch the different sorority recruitment videos that can be found all over all the social media platforms.




Hailey Hunter is a junior majoring in public relations and minoring in general business.  She is very passionate about Greek Life and hopes to someday work in higher education and student affairs.  Follow her on Twitter @HaileyHunter3



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2 thoughts on “Recruitment Ready…Go Greek!”

  1. My favorite part about #findyouryellowumbrella is that it is not exclusive to one specific sorority but helps users to access information and videos about all sororities on Eastern’s campus. I believe creating an overall popular hashtag that is used to cover all sororities was a smart idea because the hashtag can become very large that way, benefiting all of the sororities equally. The fact that all of them came together to build an idea bigger than themselves was a very smart play in my opinion. I also like how searching the hashtag can link you to any of the social media accounts on the outlet being used for any sorority. I also really liked how you didn’t just list all the different social media outlets that sororities at Eastern Michigan University use, but also explained and gave examples of how they use them. Explaining the creative ways that these social media outlets are used can be helpful to anyone reading this blog who is thinking about checking out Greek life. I think that using one large hashtag for individual groups that are a part of something is a great idea that can be utilized in other areas of campus life such as athletics and student government.

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  2. This post would of encourage me to go see what a sorority was like if I wasn’t old and starting a family. I checked out #findyouryellowumbrella and enjoy seeing that it was about all the sorority at Eastern, with the hashtag they weren’t excluding any sorority. Making a hashtag that’s equal for all the sorority’s makes since because you may find a sorority that is right for you. When I think of a sorority I think of sisterhood and I think that this is a great way of finding your sisterhood. I also like that you made the comment that each sorority has there own page to so people know that they can check out each sorority on their own. Putting how your chapter uses each social media I enjoyed so people know when looking for what their looking for they know where to find it.

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