Social media is an ever growing and evolving form of communication that allows people all over the world to connect, share, engage, and manage their lives for others to see.  Looking back at the last decade, forms of social media have changed so much and have become a part of our everyday lives.  Society uses social media in almost every aspect of our lives on a daily basis to promote different topics, ideas, or life updates.  Even businesses have begun to use social media to connect with consumers.  But how do we know if we are connecting with the right people and engaging in productive conversations?

In Professor Luttrell’s book “Social Media How to Engage, Share, and Connect” she talks about how there is a model that we can follow to make sure that social media is properly being used.  This way we can enhance our social media presence.  This model is called the SoMe model.  The different sections of SoMe include share, optimize, manage, and engage.  If businesses and other social media accounts follow the SoMe rules, their social media will thrive.  The parts of SoMe include the following:

  • Share: The share portion of social media starts the conversations that can be had. According “Social Media How to Engage, Share, and Connect” the share portion of SoMe includes “participate, connect, build trust” (Luttrell 33).
  • Optimize: To optimize social media accounts one must “listen, learn and, take part in authentic conversations” (Luttrell 33).
  • Manage: It is essential that social media accounts are managed. If an account goes unmanaged then important questions, comments, and concerns can be missed.  When managing social media accounts it is important to remember the steps to take to make it great.  According to “The first step is to put the right systems in place to keep your posts relevant, interesting and valuable for your audience” (King).
  • The last section of SoMe is the engage portion which includes the ability to “influence relations, understanding where the audience is, and how to reach them” (Luttrell 33).

Another important part of managing social media is to remember the golden rule of social media.  People like to feel special and feel like they are feeling heard.  Because of this the 80/20 rule is crucial to remember.  If someone finds a social media account that does not interest them or appeal to them, they will not revisit it.  With the 80/20 rule, 80% of the content of social media should be from “…discovering what your audience is really interested in and responding to those needs, will your brand be able to maintain a consistent, sustainable, and engaging online social media presence” (De Beule).  The other half of that is the 20% that should be geared toward the business itself.  This should “Include a discount, add a special offer, provide useful statistics, etc.” (De Beule).

The 80/20 rule works with SoMe because everything has to be of equal balance.  Having social media be such a large part of society is a great thing.  However, that also means that people need to properly use the social media channels to enhance their accounts and promote their businesses, brands, and anything else they may stand for.  Social media is a great tool to use if done the right way.  By following the SoMe model and the 80/20 rule your social media accounts will be flawless.

Hailey Hunter is a junior majoring in public relations and minoring in general business.  She is very passionate about Greek Life and hopes to someday work in higher education and student affairs.  Follow her on Twitter @HaileyHunter3


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3 thoughts on “SoMe…SoWhat?”

  1. I am so happy that you talked about how important the SoMe model was. Until learning about that term this semester, I had not heard of it before and even wondered if companies on social media platforms had any type of model or ratio they followed. I can personally say that most of the brands or companies I consider myself loyal to demonstrate awesome engagement with their customers. I would like to add that when I say engagement with customers, I don’t just mean they reply to their comments and Tweets, but they post funny jokes and photos that relate to their company/products they are selling that make their audience laugh and remember them by. When I see a funny Instagram post or Tweet from a company that I follow, many times I screen shot them and send them to my boyfriend or sister. By me doing that I have now made that company a part of our lives not just at a consumer level, but at an entertainment level. The competition to keep audiences engaged and wanting more is tough, especially with how many social networks and companies there is out there that utilize them, so if a company’s social media content is able to grab and keep my attention I am very impressed.

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  2. I thought it was a great idea that you wrote about S0ME because it is so important that we need to use this method in everything that where posting or writing for public relations. I like the question about how do you know if your connecting with the people, because how do you know who your connecting with from your different social media channels. With so many people on social media and different companies that are out there your connecting with the world. Because everything you put on the internet it will always be there you can never erase what you put out there. This is another reason you need to you the SOME model. I also liked that you added about the golden rule which is the 80/20 of social media. There are plenty of people that are on social media forget about this rule. I also like that you linked the SOME model and the 80/20 together. Saying there is a balance between the two is great way to put. I also liked that you said your social media pages will be flawless using the two method you made that sound great for people to follow in what you say. I really enjoyed what you had to say about SOME and the 80/20 rule.

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  3. The SoMe model is so important and i’m so glad to have learned it in class. I’ve never heard it before, so it’s nice to read and discuss about it in many different ways. It’s crazy that there are so many parts within the model, but they all intertwine and must be used together. You can’t have successful social media campaign without using all four aspects. I discussed the model in my blog as well because I think it’s such an important aspect to any business, which people don’t realize. I also like that you discussed the 80/20 rule. I think this is such an important rule for companies to have. I still see so many companies not following these rules. Businesses tend to only promote themselves and not engage with their consumers. This brings many issues, because consumers then feel unimportant. I loved how you connect the 80/20 rule and the SoMe model. They go hand in hand, but there is still a balance between all of them.

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