The Amusement of Snapchat

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Many of us know and love Snapchat and everything it has to offer.  Whether it be the many different filters, ranging from the doggy filter to the butterfly crown, or even the very dramatic frowny face, or maybe it is the thrill of the location filters.  People are addicted to Snapchat.  We live in a generation that loves to document everything and also loves to share everything with everyone.  Snapchat is a great way to do this because it allows people to share moments or “snaps” of their lives with all of their friends.  These snaps can be shared for anywhere from one second to ten seconds.  Having the ability to send out mass snaps, documenting our lives is extremely appealing to many of us that fall in the age range of teenager to mid-twenties.

According to “Social Media How to Engage, Share, and Connect” by Regina Luttrell, “Snapchat began infamously as a one-to-one mobile messaging app known for sexting—because its messages disappear in seconds—but today it’s a one-to-many platform used daily by more than 100 million active users…”(Luttrell 98).  Now that so many people use it for sharing everyday experiences, it is not looked at as much as a “dirty” application.  Snapchat is a fast and easy way to keep others updated on your life and experiences.

Another thing Snapchat is great at is learning how to target their audience better.  Many companies use Snapchat to promote their brands.  Many magazines and news articles such as Buzzfeed use Snapchat to promote different stories, quizzes, or information to their viewers in a fun and interactive way.  These stories can also be shared with friends on Snapchat through the chat feature.

Snap: A picture or video that last for a maximum of ten seconds and a minimum of one second.

Chat: The ability to send a text or to “chat” with friends on snapchat without needing their number.

Buzzfeed: “…the leading independent digital media company delivering news and entertainment to hundreds of millions of people around the world” (Buzzfeed).


Many different companies use Snapchat to connect with its users including a company called Free People.  Free People “provides fans with a first look at new collections and behind the scenes looks inside the office…” (Luttrell 100).  By using Snapchat, it allows for businesses like Free People to open up conversations with consumers on a variety of different topics and gives businesses the chance to answer the questions consumers may have.

Another way Snapchat engages with people is by the filters they use.  For example, earlier this week we had the election.  During the election, different filters would pop up for both of the candidates.  This was a way to let people express their political views with different filter options for both candidates.  Snapchat also releases different filters for different events that are happening.  For example, you will see different filters for movies releases.  You can also find different filters for new makeup releases as well.  Basically, anything that is exciting or interesting for people, Snapchat can make a filter for it.  You can also customize your own design and send it into Snapchat to have it made public, which you can find here.

Snapchat is a great way to interact with customers and people from all over.  It allows businesses and people to promote different products, services, and just about anything else.  Businesses have realized the potential Snapchat has and is beginning to embrace it.




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Hailey Hunter is a junior majoring in public relations and double minoring in general business and communication.  She is very passionate about Greek Life and hopes to someday work in higher education and student affairs.  Follow her on Twitter @HaileyHunter3

3 thoughts on “The Amusement of Snapchat”

  1. I personally do not use Snapchat much just because it moves too fast for me to even keep up with very well, but even as a rare user I can say that I love all the filters it has to offer. I believe that the filters on Snapchat probably help make events they promote much more popular than they would have been. This is because with the filter option popping up on everyone’s Snapchat who has their location turns on means that whatever is being promoted can reach a much wider audience than it could before. I think it is a great marketing idea for companies to use Snapchat filters, especially because Snapchat was super popular even before all of these filters came about. The filters help to benefit the event a company is promoting while simultaneously helping Snapchat grow and become more and more popular. I know people that constantly only send Snaps out with filters being used, and I know plenty of people that get super excited when they see a new filter out and in turn send more Snaps. Also, Snapchat probably never thought people would be screenshotting their snaps taken with filters on them to use them as profile pictures, which tons of people do.


  2. I know its wired to say but I just started to use snapchat a few months ago. I’ve had it for two years when people really started to use it but I never used it, the app was just downloaded on my phone. When I started to see all the different flitters that I seen from Instagram that’s when I started to using my snapchat account. I think that the different filters are so fun, especially when I am using it with my niece and nephew they think some of them are so funny. There little so they get a kick out of it. I also noticing that they’re starting to use different sponsors to support a cause with different filters. I think this is very smart on companies to do because they know that people will use them and they also just out whatever there supporting. You don’t see a lot for supporting that I see if more companies could make up their own filter and put it on snapchat this could be just another way for people to support or even go to an event. The different filters could also be a great marketing tool with so many people using snapchat and especially celebrities.


  3. Snap-chat really has grown so much over the past few years. They were genius to incorporate these filters. They’re so entertaining! I know this because I also spend so much time just checking out the filters and making fun of how they make me look. It’s a great way to interact with your friends. I also agree that companies are genius for using Snap-chat to promote their company. Everyone loves filters so why not add a filter for your company? I work at Express in the mall and they have a filter as well. They encourage customers to document their shopping trip with the filter. I think it’s a great way to create a different buzz for a company rather than just promoting a specific topic. If your audience is young adults then snap-chat is definitely a great way to promote your business. I’m excited to see what other creative ideas snap-chat has in the future.


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