Share What Ya Know–Cozi Calendar

The app I chose to share is called Cozi Calendar.  This app is a family organizer calendar app that is meant to make it easier to keep track of each other’s schedules.  It also has many other functions that make family life more convenient.  Looking at this app, it is easy to understand and easy to use, making it accessible even for grandma and grandpa!

This app allows anyone on the account to add events to the calendar.  The events can be color coated for each person.  On my family’s Cozi Calendar, we each have our own color for each of our own job schedules.  You can also set reminders and alerts to be sent out about different events that are going on.  Another helpful function with this app is the messaging tool and the “To Do” tab.  There is also a shopping tab so everyone on the account can add what they want from the grocery store in one convenient spot.

The reason I love this app is because I have a lot always going on between two jobs, 15 credit hours, and 2 different sorority positions, life can get pretty crazy for me.  Knowing that my family has a way to stay in contact and on schedule is very helpful.  One thing I really like about this app is that everything can be color coated.  This is helpful for a quick glance and knowing where I fall on the schedule.  Another thing I really like about this app is the fact you can actually download the app on your phone or access it from the website  One thing I do not like about the app is the monthly view.  The events do not show up unless you click on the weekly view.  Another thing I do not like is the fact you can’t set events private.  This means that every event can be seen by anyone who has access to the account.

The reason that this can relate to marketing or public relations is because it can help organize a team.  Using an app like this could help a PR team or a marketing team know where and what everyone else on the team is doing or has planned.  It also allows anyone with access to the calendar to be able to send messages or come up with a To Do list.  Being able to send alerts and reminders can also benefit the team in order to stay organized and on the same page as the rest of the team.

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